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Outdoor and Environmental Education
Providing high quality, inclusive outdoor and environmental education across all Key Stages
The Outdoor and Environmental Education service (OEE) offers your pupils the opportunity to experience high quality outdoor learning at a range of day and residential centres. These are located in Nottinghamshire and The Peak District National Park, each venue allowing unique settings and well-resourced activities led by highly qualified and experienced staff
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11 Sep
Managing Appraisal and Performance Related Pay Effectively
To support new and existing appraisers to: - review teacher performance against 2016/17 objectives with a focus on developing expertise in objective setting - use evidence to make appropriate pay recommendations as per the School Pay Policy - pay appeals – evidence, preparation for and presentation to pay committee - review and further develop current appraisal practices, with a focus on roles and responsibilities for appraisee, appraiser and the headteacher in their Quality Assurance role - manage under-performance within appraisal.
13 Sep
Induction Tutor Training
Key elements: • To develop an understanding of the role of the induction tutor. • To consider the skills involved in the role. • To explore the new Teachers’ Standards and their use in the formal assessment of NQTs. • To examine the use of the National Career Entry and Development Profile for NQTs. • To become familiar with the Nottinghamshire induction tutor/coordinator handbook of guidance and support. • To consider the elements of an effective induction programme. • Increased confidence in supporting NQTs through their induction year.
14 Sep
MAPA Training
Training includes ways of avoiding or defusing situations in which physical intervention might become necessary as well as methods of physical intervention. This is particularly important for staff who work closely with pupils with SEN and/or disabilities associated with extreme behaviour. Nottinghamshire County Council has adopted the MAPA (Managing Actual or Potential Aggression) training model, and as such is an 'Approved Training Centre' for Crisis Prevention Institute, which is a BILD (British Institute of Learning Disability) accredited training programme.
18 Sep
Essential Guide to NQT Induction - Primary
Aims: • To welcome NQTs to NCC. • To inform NQTs of the support provided by the LA during their induction year. • To clarify the entitlements of NQTs during their induction year. • To provide an opportunity to meet other NQTs. • To provide opportunities to discuss issues relating to the induction year with other NQTs. Key elements: • To increase knowledge and understanding of the induction year with reference to Nottinghamshire’s context. • To be informed of the programme of support provided by Nottinghamshire LA.
18 Sep
Writing Effective Outcomes (relevant for SEN Support, EHC assessments and annual reviews)
A half-day workshop for education staff involved in writing and reviewing outcomes at SEN Support and EHC.
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SEND Careers Funding
24 Jun
SEND careers funding available The prospectus for the Careers & Enterprise Fund 2018 (CEF2018) has been published and bids are invited for grant funding. The fund, totalling £4.2 million, focuses on geographical areas of need and the most disadvantaged young people, including those with SEND. The fund is split in two parts: Part A - Employer Encounters (£2.5 million): for programmes selected by schools and colleges in 35 areas of need. The schools and colleges will be offered access to ‘virtual wallets’ to make these selections Part B - Disadvantaged groups (£1.7 million): for disadvantaged groups, to understand how to most effectively support these young people. The groups of focus are: o Young people with special educational needs and disabilities o Children in care and care leavers o Gypsy, Roma and traveller young people. Part B has two SEND strands, one to raise aspirations generally, including inspiring young people in the targeted groups to plan for their future and consider a wider range of further education, training, apprenticeships and jobs/careers. The other strand (SEND strand 2), totals £200K and is available specifically for activity around employer engagement and support, resulting in improved employer confidence and the creation of more employer encounters for young people with SEND. The prospectus can be accessed here. All interested parties are invited to bid. For more information contact: investment@careersandenterprise.co.uk
Training Courses 2018-2019
12 Jun
Our training events for 2018-2019 are now available to book. To view our new events click here
Headteacher Appraisal
12 Jun
Headteacher Appraisal The East Midlands Education Support Service provides a Headteacher Appraisal Service The service we offer includes: ?Pre-meeting preparation including review of data, SEF, academy/schoolimprovement plan and review against 2017-2018 objectives. ?Half day visit to review objectives 2017-18 and support appraisal governors to setnew objectives, success criteria and monitoring arrangements. ?Prepare the draft appraisal statement for the HT and appraisal governors to finalise. ?Provide a summary report of activity to the Chair of Governors to share withthe Full Governing Body and copy to the Headteacher. Cost: Schools with an allocated adviser (1 day) £600 Schools without an allocated adviser (1.5 days) £900 Mid-year review £300 To purchase this service 1. Login to www.em-edsupport.org.uk 2. Go to Services 3. Select Leadership and Management 4. Click on Buy Now 5. Select the appropriate service from the list 6. Click Add to basket 7. Go to the shopping basket 8. Click on Proceed to checkout under Packages and Services
DPO Training
11 Jun
DPO training is now available to book. To book on DPO training you should first purchase the DPO package To purchase this package 1. Login to www.em-edsupport.org.uk 2. Go to Services 3. Select GDPR 4. Click on Buy Now 5. Select the appropriate service from the list 6. Click Add to basket 7. Go to the shopping basket 8. Click on Proceed to checkout under Packages and Services You can then book the training course by clicking here
Research evidence for reading recovery
01 May
The Institute for Effective Education has rated Reading Recovery as STRONG evidence for primary reading. Link to the IEE blog - https://the-iee.org.uk/2018/04/11/e4i-focus-on-reading-recovery/ Nottinghamshire LA are proud providers of Reading Recovery Teacher Training and CPD. For more information please contact: Nicola.lawson@nottscc.gov.uk Paula.burrell@nottscc.gov.uk